The Beatles

The Gaslight Anthem – Miles Davis & The Cool

Logo no título de sua música o Gaslight Anthem também homenageou um grande nome da história da música: Miles Davis. A música está no aclamado disco The ’59 Sound, lançado pela banda em 2008.


Like Miles Davis, I’ve been swayed by the cool.
There’s just something about the summertime.
There’s just something about the moon.
So I’ll lay a kiss on a stone, toss it upside your window, by the roof.
Before you change your mind, Miles, bring in the cool.

Now honey, put on your red dress.
And you diamond soul shoes.
Climb on down from that window.
Climb on out of your room.
Cause I’ve never had a good thing and I’ve always had the blues.
I heard that you always kind of wondered, Miles, strike up the Cool.

Don’t wait too long to come home.
My how the years and our youth passed on.
Don’t wait too long to come home.
I will leave the front light on.
The night is our own, don’t wait too long.


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