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O portal Loudwire acaba de eleger os 50 melhores discos de Metal lançados em 2019 e a lista está bem interessante.

Sem ordem de preferência, o site incluiu nomes como Abbath, Slipknot, TOOL, KoRn, Rammstein, Dream Theater, Opeth, Steel Panther, Within Temptation, entre outros na listagem.

Qual seria o seu primeiro lugar? Confira a lista completa abaixo e a matéria original clicando aqui.

50 melhores discos de metal em 2019, segundo a Loudwire

  2. Abbath, ‘Outstrider’
  3. Alcest, ‘Spiritual Instinct’
  4. Allegaeon, ‘Apoptosis’
  5. Amon Amarth, ‘Berserker’
  6. Angel Du$t, ‘Pretty Buff’
  7. Angel Witch, ‘Angel of Light’
  8. As I Lay Dying, ‘Shaped By Fire’
  9. Babymetal, ‘Metal Galaxy’
  10. Blood Incantation, ‘Hidden History of the Human Race’
  11. Blut Aus Nord, ‘Hallucinogen’
  12. Borknagar, ‘True North’
  13. Candlemass, ‘The Door to Doom’
  14. Cattle Decapitation, ‘Death Atlas’
  15. Counterparts, ‘Nothing Left to Love’
  16. Creeping Death, ‘Wretched Illusions’
  17. Crypt Sermon, ‘The Ruins of Fading Light’
  18. Cult of Luna, ‘Dawn to Fear’
  19. Demon Hunter, ‘War’ and ‘Peace’
  20. Devin Townsend, ‘Empath’
  21. Devourment, ‘Obscene Majesty’
  22. Dream Theater, ‘Distance Over Time’
  23. Enterprise Earth, ‘Luciferous’
  24. Fleshgod Apocalypse, ‘Veleno’
  25. Gatecreeper, ‘Deserted’
  26. I Prevail, ‘Trauma’
  27. In Flames, ‘I, The Mask’
  28. Insomnium, ‘Heart Like a Grave’
  29. Jinjer, ‘Macro’
  30. Killswitch Engage, ‘Atonement’
  31. Korn, ‘The Nothing’
  32. Knocked Loose, ‘A Different Shade of Blue’
  33. Kublai Khan, ‘Absolute’
  34. Motionless In White, ‘Brand New Numb’
  35. Opeth, ‘In Cauda Venenum’
  36. Overkill, ‘The Wings of War’
  37. Periphery, ‘Periphery IV: Hail Stan’
  38. Rammstein, ‘Rammstein’
  39. Rotting Christ, ‘The Heretics’
  40. Sabaton, ‘The Great War’
  41. SeeYouSpaceCowboy, ‘The Correlation Between Entrance and Exit Wounds’
  42. Slipknot, ‘We Are Not Your Kind’
  43. Soilwork, ‘Verkligheten’
  44. Steel Panther, ‘Heavy Metal Rules’
  45. Tool, ‘Fear Inoculum’
  46. Wage War, ‘Pressure’
  47. While She Sleeps, ‘SO WHAT?’
  48. Whitechapel, ‘The Valley’
  49. Within Temptation, ‘Resist’
  50. WristMeetsRazor, ‘Misery Never Forgets’


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