Wes Borland, guitarrista do Limp Bizkit, tem usado a sua conta no Instagram para publicar uma série de críticas à Convenção Nacional do Partido Republicano que acabou de escolher Donald Trump como candidato à Presidência dos Estados Unidos.

Em uma das publicações onde subiu uma foto em que aparece escrito “fuck you”, ele encerra dizendo que as pessoas que apoiam Donald Trump deveriam parar de segui-lo: “não estou tentando mudar a opinião de ninguém. Só quero vocês fora da minha vida.”

Wes ainda diz que sua publicação não é de apoio à candidata do Partido Democrata, Hillary Clinton, mas sim um “tapa na minha própria cara enquanto tento acordar. Não consigo entender como um candidato como Donald Trump chegou tão longe.”

How in the world can you absolute fucking donkey's assholes think that someone with NO political experience could even compare to someone with decades of political experience. These clowns make Sarah Palin seem capable! It's exactly as if Lockheed Martin rolled out a hot air balloon with an American flag and Jesus painted on it and proclaimed it the new Air Force Stealth Bomber. Please unfollow me. Go fuck yourselves. Idiocracy is no longer a movie. And P.S. – you can blow the "stick to music" "stick to playing guitar" comments out of a canon and back into your own face. Why don't you stick to working at Walmart? I don't speak out about this kind of thing publicly much but after this first night of the RNC I can't even sleep knowing that there are so many people out there with bones in the middle of their brains. I feel like I'm going to puke. I cannot believe this is happening. How can you guys support this dude and his stupid stupid wife? ——-Edit——- AND THIS ISN'T EVEN A HILLARY SUPPORT POST! It's a bewildered slap to my own face as I try and wake myself up. I don't understand how a candidate like Trump has even gotten this far. I'm no one to be giving political advice, but neither is the dude from Duck Dynasty and I would never speak at a party's national convention. And Walmart was the most American job I could think of that didn't pay its workers a living wage and then they end up shopping there to support themselves. A subject that's a whole can of worms on its own. I'm sticking with my fuck you. Please unfollow me if you're a Trump supporter. I'm not trying to change your mind. I just want you out of my life.

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This is the worst.

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Nightmares upon nightmares upon nightmares

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