God is an Astronaut
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O God is an Astronaut, um dos nomes mais importantes do post-rock, anunciou o lançamento de seu novo álbum. Epitaph, o nono disco da carreira dos irlandeses, será lançado no dia 27 de Abril e conta com sete faixas.

De acordo com o anúncio, o novo trabalho é “coberto de dor, tristeza e beleza melancólica e vê uma progressão em sua sonoridade enquanto ainda se mantém fiel ao ethos que ajudou a definir a banda” e que “os fãs talvez esperem uma continuação do Helios | Erebus lançado em 2015, mas uma mudança na direção foi inevitável quando tragédias na vida real envolvendo pessoas próximas à banda ocorreram.

Essa capa bonitona foi feita pelo artista francês Fursy. Confira a tracklisting e o teaser abaixo. O disco já está disponível para pré-venda aqui.

capa do disco "epitaph" do god is an astronaut
Foto: Divulgação

1. Epitaph
2. Mortal Coil
3. Winter Dusk/Awakening
4. Seance Room
5. Komorebi
6. Medea
7. Oisín

GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT – Epitaph Album Teaser

God Is An Astronaut Unveil First & Exciting Album News! "Epitaph" To Be Released On April 27th! Pre-order your copy here: http://smarturl.it/Epitaph-NPREver since forming 16 years ago, Irish trio God Is An Astronaut has reigned as one of the premier instrumental groups. With their fusion of intense rock instrumentation, ethereal and emotional soundscapes, awe-inspiring dynamics and transfixing melodies, each of the band's prior releases has offered a breath taking sonic journey. Now God Is An Astronaut are finally back with their ninth emotive opus titled 'Epitaph' , set to be released on April 27th 2018 with NapalmRecords! God Is An Astronaut's hotly anticpated album – covered in pain, sadness and melancholic beauty – both sees a progression in their sound while still remaining true to their ethos that helped define the band.The cover artwork was painted by French artist Fursy and fits the melancholic mood beautifully. The track list of 'Epitaph' will read as follows:1. Epitaph2. Mortal Coil3. Winter Dusk/Awakening4. Seance Room5. Komorebi6. Medea7. Oisín Fans may expect a continuation of 2015's 'Helios | Erebus' but a change in direction was unavoidable when real-life tragedies occurred involving people close to the band. Niels and Torsten Kinsella, twin brothers and co-founders of God Is An Astronaut, are joined again here by long-time drummer Lloyd Hanney. Amongst others, contributions also come from Jamie Dean on keys, Xenon Field on sound design, Jimmy Scanlon once again lends his talents on guitar and Brian Harris performs slide guitar on the song 'Mortal Coil'.This album, with its stylish and rich musical textures has in its building blocks references to the past, as with a lot of the band’s work. When present experiences are pulled in to the mix you get something that will last well into the future, armed with music like this you are strengthened for that journey. 'Epitaph' is an album that will move you deeply and call out to you to be revisited many times!

Posted by God Is An Astronaut on Thursday, January 25, 2018